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Michael Neale

The day may come when you find useful information here, but today is not that day. This day, we browse.

Trivia about me:

    • Disambiguation: I work with software

    • I once said that Mosaic was rubbish, and the graphical web would never take off. Sometimes I am mistaken.

    • My first programming language was Miranda (functional). I am still as messed up as everyone else.

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    • My LinkedIn profile.

    • A picture of me in scrubs.

    • You can contact me on michael dot neale at gmail

  • My university thesis on cool sounding valve distortion - BE Elec Eng (hons) UNSW

I make software

Here are some of the libraries, tools and projects I have built and/or contributed to over the years (and am proud of):

co-founder of CloudBees - developer platform as a service

Drools (rule engine)

deltacloud - cross cloud api

PingTOWN - your own mini-pingdom like tool with PagerDuty integration

XLS decision tables for python apps

XLS rule tester (XLS comes up a lot, eh?)

lein-cloudbees - lein plugin for cloudbees deployment of clojure apps

Made erlang-mysql driver handle nulls

Fine, OK, just go and see me on github, I ain't going to list any more here. I tend to migrate things there.

Work and business

Recently: co-founded CloudBees. Previously - helped start Drools project, joined JBoss and then Red Hat. See LinkedIn for more info. Have contracted in the past, usually work on early stage things, like small orgs, very small teams. I have also built and run training courses (tiring, but fun!)


I like to talk at conferences and meetups - on a wide range of topics. Happy to talk on something interesting (for free, never for pay) - I even visit companies and talk/share (I often work remotely, so relish the chance to share tips with those with "real jobs"!).

I am happy to talk about/advice about Cloud and related tech based on my bitter experience, or just make things up, that is fine.

I don't accept money for speaking but if you feel that you must reimburse me somehow, I would be happy to accept a case of beer, or perhaps a cocktail dinner**.

** Someone else made me say that - I don't even know what a "cocktail dinner" is.

If you really want to find out more about me, take a look at my blog. I am also on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Much of the world's most important and most significant software is distributed under terms that give recipients freedom to copy, modify and redistribute the software ("Free and Open Source Software"). One could not send or receive e-mail, surf the World Wide Web, perform a Google search or take advantage of many of the other benefits offered by the Internet without Free and Open Source Software. ---Free Software Foundation

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